The U.S. Constitution gives all citizens the privilege of due process. In an answer to this question, this means that we have the right to be informed of being summoned. A process server is the messenger to notify individuals of their right to due process of law by serving them with notification of a pending court case.

When an individual or attorney issues a paper in the court for matters such as Small Claims, Debt Collection, or Divorce, the court requires that a copy of these papers be delivered to the other side (Defendant or Respondent). This delivery must be performed by someone that is not a party to the action. This means that the attorney or the Plaintiff cannot serve their own papers.  There are also strict requirements, rules, and timelines that must be followed when serving these papers. A process server’s primary job is to serve (deliver) legal documents to the defendant or other parties involved with the case. Furthermore, a process server such as those employed by Bringhurst Process Service, knows, and follows the court rules by which service is properly achieved, avoiding potential setbacks and delays in the case. After service is accomplished, a process server provides a sworn affidavit, or proof of service, that is filed with the court.

Bringhurst Process Service has over 40 years of experience and serves throughout the State of Utah. Our professional staff and servers will make sure that all parties involved in the case will be treated with dignity, respect, and privacy.  We offer additional services that can be of help to our clients.  Call us today to learn more about how we can “serve” you.

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