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Handled properly, private probation offers a great alternative to incarceration. All Pro Probation Services (APPS) offers the probation services you need combined with years of experience and the quality synonymous with our parent company: All Pro Security.

all pro probation services
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Probation is an opportunity for a fresh start. Prove to yourself and to others that you are back in control and prepared for life’s challenges.


Finding a probation service that fits all your needs can be a difficult challenge. We team up with qualified professionals to offer you the widest range of services.

  • Probation​
  • Drug Testing
  • Substance Abuse & Domestic Violence Evaluation
  • Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports


We offer competitive prices comparable with other private probation firms.

$60 – Initial Intake
$40 – Monthly Supervision
$20 – Late Charge (payments received after the 15th of each month)
$25 – Urine Analysis Testing
$100 – Missed Monthly Payment
$25 – Alcohol Testing
$100 – Order to Show Cause (OSC) Reports to the Court
$125 – Pre-Sentence Report
$11 per day – Electronic Monitoring (GPS)
$11 per day – Alcohol Monitoring


Located on State Street in Pleasant Grove, our office sits in an ideal spot to serve both those in or near Utah County. We are 20 minutes from downtown Provo. The nearest bus stop is only a two minute walk away.
All Pro Probation Services
a Division of All Pro Security
1390 W State Street
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

For added convenience, we have added a second office in Salt Lake County. Conveniently located and easily accessed.  
All Pro Probation Services
a Division of All Pro Security
60 E Claybourne Ave (2770 S)​
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Please park in the back and enter though our back door.