Send your documents to us right here: office@bpsutah.com


Service of Documents

In order to best serve you state wide, we have process servers that live throughout Utah. As a result of this, we are able to provide you with affordable and timely statewide service.

Proof of Service

After you papers have been served, we provide you with a proper Proof of Service to be filed at the court. This affidavit will reflect the date and time of service, the cost for the service, as well as the name, title, and signature of the process server.


We have developed a custom GPS tracking system. All Private Investigators and Process Servers log each attempt through their smart phones. This gives our office staff a live feed on attempts made and the GPS location as to where this attempt was made.

Additional Services

  • statewide service of any legal document
  • all returns of service can be emailed in PDF format for ease of filing
  • documents may be picked up from your office
  • documents may be emailed and printed at no additional charge (up to 15 pages)
  • weekly, bi-monthly or monthly invoicing available
  • free notary on all services when required